Amazing story behind the world’s first hedge fund

According to the 1xbet report, the world’s first hedge fund, and today the vast majority of hedge funds are not look like. Little investment experience, the founder, had not gone to school, no PhD in quantitative finance, nor in Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs or any of the other culture growing up in the cradle of the world’s financial elite. Before you set foot in the area of investment until at the age of 48, the legend has worked in the diplomatic service, is a sociologist, as a journalist.
Recognized as the industry’s “father of the hedge fund” named Alfred Winslow Jones. Back in the late 40, he created the world’s first “hedge funds”. It is understood that he was reading Fortune magazine when a marketing article creating a hedge fund idea. Alfred’s idea is simple: by investing in long term by betting against him when that value will decline in stock to produce “hedging”, while he thinks will appreciate the stocks using leverage. For now, this is a basic hedge fund strategies. However, at the time, this concept is very innovative.
In short, Alfred wants to do is this: bet that the share price will fall, while leverage means using borrowed money to up the ante. His strategy is good, for his customers to earn a lot of money. According to Fortune published an article in 1966, Alfred’s company created ten years before profit margins as high as 670%. You know that during the same period, the top mutual fund margin of 358%. Legendary journalist is the author of the article kaluoer?lumeisi (Carol Loomis).
You can see more on the 1xbet subsidiary company of Alfred’s official description of the then novel: “each of these techniques are considered to be risky and highly speculative, but when you put them together properly, it would produce a conservative portfolio. The ‘ speculative techniques one can use to create a conservative result ‘ awareness of the most important steps is to create a hedge fund. When he was working as a sociologist known statistical knowledge, Alfred develops a measure of market risk and stock standard, designed to better manage the portfolio’s exposure to the risk. “Alfred made a huge contribution to modern hedge industry. At present, there are 11,000 hedge funds worldwide. Now, however, uses a lot of different strategies of hedge funds, some of which did not hedge.

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